3D Matterport tours are an "always open house" for your buyers.

3D Matterport

Matterport 3D Virtual Tours.


Deliver the most realistic virtual experience for buyers. Matterport allows users to virtually walk the halls at their own pace so they can be inside your listing anytime, anywhere. Think of it as the “always-open” house.

0-999 sq ft


1000-1999 sq ft


2000-2999 sq ft


3000-3999 sq ft


4000-4999 sq ft


5000+ sq ft


Outdoor scans


Link Renewal


2D Floor Plan From Scan


3D Floor Plan From Scan


*Matterpaks™ no longer available from scans.

  • The best virtual tour money can buy.
  • Walk from room to room with the click of a mouse.

“MatterPort 3D tours and the entire team and product offering at Open House Photography are one of the best things you can do for your listings. Top-notch marketing options that require practically no additional effort on your part.”

9am next day turnaround

Serving Northern California

3D Matterport

  • How long are Matterport Scans Live and available to access?

    Matterport “Spaces” aka the property listing link or viewer for your listing’s Matterport are kept “live” and online for 6 months. After 6 months we are forced to “archive” in our Matterport account. They do not get deleted or can be activated any time for a fee of $75. This cost is a hard cost for us as part of our Matterport account limitations and simply passed on to the end user. Our goal is not to monetize this fee, so we are more than happy to also transfer your Matterport Listing Space to your own Matterport account for free. As of this writing, Matterport offers accounts that can be created for $120/year and up depending on how many Spaces you would like to keep active.

  • What does “virtual tour” mean to you?

    Many other vendors similar to ours use the term loosely. For some a “virtual tour” is a slide show of still images, for others, it is a website with photos. 

    For us, it is a 3D matterport scan that will allow you to show the home by swiping from a smartphone or using arrows from the keyboard. The matterport scan can also be viewed using virtual reality glasses. Providing your potential buyer an actual virtual walkthrough!

    We offer ALL of these services! 

    Visit our website for more examples and/or pricing!

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