Farewell Old A La Carte Fees

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Farewell ala carte, you won't be missed.

Welcome to Our New Pricing Model

We know, we know, our old a la carte fees got a big thumbs down.

But good news! We have an entirely new pricing model to give you more bang for your buck and extra savings when you want just one additional service or everything but the kitchen sink.

Our new pricing structure follows the “what you see is what you get” model. There are no hidden fees and most importantly, you pay per square footage, not per photo. Starting at just $250 for a photoshoot, you get to work with the best photographers in the industry and watch the story of your listing come to life.

Adding a Website or one of these on-site1 services can save you up to $100 on Photography:

Property Websites

Property Website $250
Custom URL Included!*
Easy Edit Dash Included!
OHP Permalink Included!
Neighborhood Image Library Included!
“Unbranded” Link for MLS Included!
*Custom domain free for one year, $35 per year thereafter.


3D Matterport

0-999 sq ft $250
1000-1999 sq ft $300
2000-2999 sq ft $350
3000-3999 sq ft $400
4000-4999 sq ft $450
5000+ sq ft $250/hr

Video Tours

0-999 sq ft $450
1000-1999 sq ft $550
2000-2999 sq ft $650
3000-3999 sq ft $750
4000-4999 sq ft $850
5000+ sq ft $300/hr
Agent Interview $200
Neighborhood Tour $300

Floor Plans

0-999 sq ft $250
1000-1999 sq ft $250
2000-2999 sq ft $350
3000-3999 sq ft $450
4000-4999 sq ft $550
5000+ sq ft $0.12 / sq ft
Site Plans $100
Non-living Space 500-999 sq ft $50
Non-living Space 1000-1500 sq ft $100
Interactive Floor Plan $100

Aerial Photo & Video

Aerial Photos $300
Aerial Video $450
Aerial Photos & Video $550

Smaller tiers = better pricing

We’ve also developed new pricing tiers in 1000 sq ft increments so that you’re not paying the same for a 2100 sq ft home as you did for a 3800 sq ft home. That also means we take the amount of photos your home needs to get the job done and capture the imagination of buyers.

We also believe in the integrity of your listing and think it should be shown from all angles. That’s why, if you add a Website or one of our “on-site” services like aerial, video, Matterport or floor plan services, we take up to $100 off the price of Photography.*

Save up to $100 on Photography by adding a Website or any additional on-site1 service!

Need an example to see how it all plays out? Say you have a 2100 sq ft house that you want photographed. If you end there it would be a flat rate of $400. If you wanted to increase the marketing value of the listing and added on Floor Plan drafting ($350). The total comes out to $750 right? Wrong. Because you added on an additional onsite service you get a savings of $100 so your total comes out to only $650 for photographs and floor plans!

If that’s not money well spent, we’re not sure what is. So, say goodbye to A La Carte and just add more to your cart!

Note 1: On-site services include 3D Matterport, Video Tours, Aerial Photo and Video, and Floor Plan Drafting.

$150 same day cancellation fee for on-site services.


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