What are “pick up” shoots?

What are “pick up” shoots?
January 28, 2020 Jeff Klein

Pick up shoots are very small, supplemental photo shoots that we provide to save you some coin when you need just a few exterior shots for pre-marketing, or say, the landscaping was redone after your primary shoot has taken place. We want to make sure you get real marketing value with Open Homes Photography, so we’re not going to charge you for a whole new standard shoot when all you need are a few “pick ups” to make your listing perfect. Pick Ups must be ordered in conjunction with standard shoots (at the same time or after) and cannot be substituted for standard photography. However, we do offer a Pre-Marketing shoot that is 1-10 exterior photos and can only be scheduled as a “go anytime” on a specific date. No interiors are included with the Pre-Marketing shoot.

Pick-Up Shoots are ideal for a number of situations when just a handful of new photos are needed, such as:

  • New staging or re-staging a room
  • Better weather
  • New paint
  • Remodeling
  • Pre-market advertising
  • New landscaping


That said, if you don’t need full coverage of a property, we can offer the first tier (0-999 sq ft) for any sized property, and this limits the photo count to 25 images.

Note: Standard shoots cannot be substituted for pick-up shoots. If you need standard photography, please choose from the square footage pricing tiers or contact us for our hourly pricing options.

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