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Our Services

Open Homes Photography offers professional quality web and print materials that are vital for today’s real estate professional. High-end marketing materials give agents a distinct advantage in listing presentations. The result is New Listings, Ecstatic Clients and More Buyers at your open house. What sets OHP apart from the competition is the ability to provide web, print and photography in One-Stop. And a one-day turnaround time will maximize the effectiveness of these time sensitive materials.
It all begins with dazzling photographs…

In today’s competitive market, realtors need every advantage they can get. It is essential to provide your client with the finest marketing in order to achieve a successful sale. Moreover, these materials are a powerful tool in helping agents attain future listings. Buyers and sellers pay close attention to how an agent markets a property and make their choices accordingly. Allow us to demonstrate our first-class solutions, attending to your needs so that you can stay focused on your business.


Thank you for your commitment & dedication to excellence. We are so fortunate to have had you take on this project. Your work is in a class by itself. Our thanks & gratitude! Realtor

While the house is truly incredible, your photography of it moves everything to a different level. Somehow, you have made it more than I realized was there. Your photos display a wonderful sense of tranquility & beauty by capturing the essence of the materials & all of these elements & it is breathtaking.  Homeowner

I can’t afford NOT to use Open Homes Photography Realtor


Stand Out!




Standard Photo Shoot (properties under 3000 sq ft) – $225**
Extended Photo Shoot (properties over 3000 sq ft) – $325**
Estate Photo Shoot (properties over 6000 sq ft) – $425**
Pick Up Photo Shoot (1-10 photos) – $100
Twilight Photo Shoot - $175
* $100 Fee for Same Day Cancellations
** Add $100 for Ala Carte Shoots
*** Add $50/hr for Travel Over 40 Miles from SF


Single Property Website (Includes Domain Registration & Hosting) – $250


Brochure Layout: $75 – printing is $1.50 – $1.60 per unit, 100 unit min.
Flyer Layout: $50 – printing is .65 single sided, .80 double sided, 100 unit min.
Postcard Layout: $75 – printing is .65 per unit, or .80 Plus Postage
(Prices are for print design / layout and do not include printing costs)


Floor Plan Drafting: – .10 per sq ft - ($195 minimum)
Interactive Floor Plans: $100


Aerial Shoot A: 1-10 photos – $275
Aerial Shoot B: 1-2 minute video – $425
Aerial Shoot C: 1-10 photos + 1-2 minute video – $575


Standard Video Shoot (properties under 2000 sq ft) – $400
Extended Video Shoot (properties over 2000 sq ft) – $650
Estate Video Shoot (properties over 4000 sq ft) – $875
Custom Video Shoot: (properties over 6000 sq ft) – $250 per hour
Add-Ons: Agent Interview &/or Neighborhood Tour – Each $200


Standard Shoot (properties under 3000 sq ft) – $295*
Extended Shoot (properties over 3000 sq ft) – $395*
Estate Shoot (properties over 6000 sq ft) – $495*


About Us

OHP is committed to assisting real estate agents achieve success by generating premium marketing materials in a timely manner at an affordable price. We produce a variety of innovative print and web-based products that are sure to impress buyers and sellers alike and go a long way towards promoting an agent’s professional image. OHP’s superior results are reflected by our referrals and long-standing client relationships.

Work Ethic: Providing professional, time-sensitive and inspiring products, takes passion and a strong work-ethic. That is what we strive toward on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and hope that your business grows as a result.

John Hayes has a long history with fine arts and design. Having grown up on the San Francisco Peninsula, he earned a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from the UC Davis, and a Master of Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design. After working in New York, John returned to the Bay Area to design web presentations for major hotels, including Marriot and Hilton. With a strong background in photography and extensive web development experience, John has been very successful in his field. Prior to launching OHP, John was the marketing/art director for one of San Francisco’s most prominent real estate companies, overseeing all photography, advertising, marketing, print and web development for the company.

John D Hayes

El Presidente
Thankful for a great team of professionals to work with, and so many exceptional clients to work for! When not working, John spends his time with his wife and two amazing kids!

Joe Gerardi

Marketing & Design
An Oakland resident, Joe spends inordinate chunks of time traversing bay area cultural haunts. An NYU Film grad, Joe has professional expertise in writing, video production, and web development.

Sandra S

Photography Team Leader
Born & raised in Munich. The good: laid back and easy going (except behind the wheel). The bad: undefinable accent (especially behind the wheel). The ugly: once made a donkey pass out (not behind the wheel).

Saul Stokes

Interactive Designer
An Oakland resident with his hands in a large honey pot of design/technology related passions. From sound design to interactive experiential based installations for leading Bay Area companies.

Shelia Garvey

Photography Team
Sheila’s early love of art led her to a career capturing people’s lives in pictures. She brings a sharp eye and more than a decade of experience to every shoot.

Henry Houghton

Photography Team
I am truly passionate about photography. When I’m not taking pictures of houses, you can probably find me on a mountain or a beach or in the water taking pictures whenever there is good light or great waves.

Debra Tarrant

Photography Team
A San Francisco resident for almost 20 years before relocating to beautiful Mill Valley, Debra has spent the past few years working as a freelance food photographer and is now a regular contributor to Marin Magazine.

Racheal Ortiz

Photography Team
A professional photographer since 2006 and over 3 years with OHP. When I’m not behind the lens, you can find me taking care of my 2 children and talking myself out of ordering pizza every night!

Daniel Lunghi

Photography Team
The body and depth of the work is what I love. Crisp, sharp undertones of color… and that’s just my favorite beer!

Patricia Chang

Photography Team
Born and raised in the south, Patricia landed in the Bay Area over ten years ago. She has spent decades photographing life, living in homes, and homing in on new adventures.

Joseph Schell

Photography Team
I am third of four kids, as in the middle you can get within an even number. I’m right handed and left footed. I think in pictures. I love a hard days work and a job well done.

Chris Puttere

Photography Team
Chris picked up a camera in 2001 and has not looked back. Chris has worked for various companies; and has specialized in Architectural, Real Estate and Fine Art Photography since 2008.

Alejandro Velarde

Photography Team
Born and raised in Peru, Alejandro moved to the U.S. in 1999 to pursue his passion for photography. Alejandro loves traveling and being in the outdoors with family, friends, and a camera.

Danny Osterweil

Photography Team
Im a Bay Area native and 6th generation Californian. The mix of Art and Geometry is what makes architectural photography interesting to me. Beside taking pictures, I love cooking, playing disk golf, and making beer..

Alex Akamine

Photography Team
I’ve been involved with professional photography since 2008. I aspire to take images that are aesthetically pleasing and genuine. In my spare time, I like playing guitar, rock climbing and spending time with friends (usually with a camera).

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Open Homes Photography Inc.
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Fax: 415.520.2341

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